Residential Project - New Build

Lambert House, Cheadle

This project involves two separate schemes to increase the development value of the site. The developer, Client, purchased the site with the intention of converting the existing 3- and 4-storey purpose-built office buildings into residential use. We used our space planning expertise to maximize the NIA/GIA, providing a total of 94 apartments (including partial roof space conversion). The proposals are currently being assessed by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council following positive pre-application feedback.

The second development at the site was proposed by DMS to utilise the rear section of existing car parking for additional new-build development. A scheme for 14no. apartments in a 4-storey block plus 9no. 3-storey courtyard town-houses is being submitted for pre-application discussions shortly. Following the grant of planning permission for the proposals, we will be providing full technical design proposals, working alongside the wider design team in a collaborative manner.

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Schedule of accommodation

  • Apartments 1-bed 6no.
  • Apartments 2-bed 4no.
  • Apartments 3-bed 4no.
  • Townhouses 3-bed 4no.
  • Townhouses 4-bed 5no.

TOTAL 23no.

DMS project involvement

  • definition of client options
  • interpretation of client requirements
  • baseline assessment
  • lead designer
  • feasibility + sketch scheme
  • detailed design
  • planning submission + negotiations
  • sales marketing material

The scale of development respects its immediate context - the 3- & 4-storey office buildings (to be converted to residential use) - as well as the esidential developments to the East and West (typically 2-storeys). The proposal includes townhouses to the East and Western ends of the site, which are three-stioreys in height with single-storey 'link' elements that break up the mass of the development, create recessed patios at ground floor level and private terrace spaces at first floor level - and respect the height of the adjacent residential dwellings.

Towards the centre of the site is a four-storey apartment block, which corresponds with the adjacent buildings to the South. The ground floor of the apartment block comprises car parking, main entrance & reception area, refuse storage, cycle storage and plant - as well as the ground floor of two duplex apartments that ensure active frontages. The upper floors of the apartment block contain a mixture of apartment sizes, with a rear access deck and upper floor recesses to create private terraces. All of the dwellings proposed will comply with Nationally Described Space Standards.

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