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'The Gateway' at Woden Street is a striking mixed-use development on a prime corner site in Salford. In February 2015, DMS Architecture was entrusted with designing a scheme with 40 residential apartments and commercial/retail spaces on the ground floor for a developer client. It was imperative that our design complied with the local authority's masterplan for the area. This site was designated as a crucial part of the 'Green Corridor' and was located on a key intersection, hence the name 'The Gateway'.

  • Client: Fortis Developments Ltd
  • Value: £6.0 million
  • Status: Complete
  • Units: 53 - split mix 1,2 & 3 Bed, Ground floor commercial space 100m2

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DMS project involvement

  • definition of client options
  • baseline assessment
  • lead designer
  • feasibility + sketch scheme
  • pre-application discussions
  • planning submission + negotiations
  • technical design
  • on-site support

The building has a height of seven stories, with a striking five-story parapet on the main frontage. The elevations are designed with traditional red brickwork, but the floor plates are emphasized with prominent balconies that create a strong vertical rhythm - further punctuated by additional recessed balconies. The upper level is clad with ceramic panels, creating a beautiful woven pattern on the set-back upper level to minimize the visual impact of the scheme on the surrounding area.

The design concept has effectively incorporated a stepped back frontage and massing, which allowed for a larger public space on a prominent corner and emphasized the "Spoiler" as a focal point and entrance feature. Despite the size and limitations of the site, our solution has been to create a narrow, linear structure that is well-suited to the space available.

The roof terraces of the apartment block have been thoughtfully designed to provide residents with areas for informal recreation and relaxation. Raised planting beds will be filled with contemporary evergreen and flowering shrubs and grasses to create a visually stimulating oasis of colour. Small multi-stemmed trees such as Birch, and architectural specimens such as Phormium, will provide height and structure.

The public realm surrounding the building has been carefully designed to connect to the adoptable highway along Woden Street and Ordsall Lane, with materials consistent with recent highway improvements carried out around Salford. The main thoroughfare will be paved with Kellen in mixed greys, while granite will be utilized around the entrance to the apartment building. To reinforce the transition between public and private spaces, street trees and lighting will be thoughtfully incorporated.

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